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Alcohol and all of that

According to Roy Morgan Research, there is currently, an estimated 13.2 million Australians – 66.4% of the adult population – who drink alcohol in one form or another in an average four weeks (33.6% don’t).

Glenda Wynyard guest panellist ADA Conference

While the percentage of people consuming alcohol continues to fall, dropping from 73.5% in 2006 and 68.2% in 2015, when the market is considered in a holistic sense Australians are drinking in excess of 400 million glasses of alcohol in an average four weeks, which has virtually unchanged on a year ago.

Wine is the most popular choice of alcoholic beverage, with 43.0% of adult Australians drinking wine in an average four weeks, followed by beer at 35.2% and spirits at 30.8%. There is a distinct split between the sexes with women preferring wine, men preferring beer. 47.4% of women consume wine in an average four-week period, compared to 38.4% of men, and 54.3% of men drink beer, compared to only 17.8% of women.

There are also differences in the most popular beverages across different age groups, with more 18-24 year-olds choosing spirits (37.5%) than other types of alcohol, compared to 35-49 year-olds and 50-64 year-olds, for whom wine is the top choice (41.9% and 47.3%, respectively).

With this backdrop it was terrific to be invited as a guest panellist at the ADA Conference

The ADA has a terrific membership full of independent distillers who are, what I call, craftsmen and women. They have a true passion for what they do and I was delighted to be part of their annual event. I even had the honour of a rap of sorts to introduce me. Enjoy!

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