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Newspaper Closures

I started in advertising working on regional and community newspaper retail media plans and it feels like I am standing on the sideline watching a slow and torturous death.

Australia's first newspaper was the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, that began in 1803. Here we are, over 200 years later, and it is an enormously sad day for the Australian newspaper industry as News Corp announces the closure of over 100 print papers, with 14 titles to disappear completely. I have no doubt that COVID-19 has sped up News Corp's longer term business plans.

Over 100 of News Corp’s regional and community titles will no longer produce print editions and instead move to digital-only formats. In addition, 14 titles will cease to exist completely. There are reports this amounts to over 500 job losses.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is among these papers to close and the announcement brought back many memories for me. This picture is of my mother and a few others rolling the The Bulletin, getting ready for home deliveries back in the 1970's.

Gold Coast Bulletin

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