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Business consultants

As a business owner it is often difficult to open up to others about what is going on in your business. Added to this, there are so many different types of business consultants it can often be quite daunting when you are trying to work out the type of consultant that best suits your company or that your business could benefit from. Sometimes you don't even know what type of advice it is that you really need. There are also a lot of business consultants that haven't quite got the capabilities that they suggest they do.

I have found, through my own experience, that companies should hire a business consultant when they're lacking in-house expertise, in need of a second opinion, or need to audit or restructure their business and operations infrastructure. Unfortunately many leave it too late.

I get to meet some amazing people as the host of Pending Approval. During the latest Pending Approval pod

cast Producer G and I talk to business consultant Kylie Murphy. Kylie has some incredible and unique insights into how a business can get the most out of a business consultant, how you go about finding the right person and how they work.

Well worth listening to what Kylie has to say.

If you are interested in meeting with Kylie, she can be contacted via email:


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