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It's Christmas ... again!

Can you believe that it is Christmas yet again? It feels like it just comes around more quickly each year.

This December sees the last of Media Precinct's Pending Approval podcast for the year. The focus is on advertising strategy. Most strategy is, to some level, interacting with or understanding people and their motivations. Strategists are instinctive by nature and are responsible for finding the most effective way to use a current set of resources. And as a media strategist I am fascinated by creative strategists.

This means that creative strategists are the focus of the latest Pending Approval podcast. During our last podcast for 2020 I have the privilege of interviewing Waqas Tahir from in-Culture agency, LOUD. Waqas is the head of strategy and he is the guy that gets to tell the creatives what to make, what insight to use and why.

And it wouldn't be the final podcast of the year without discussing the odd Christmas ad. Particularly when a terrific Christmas campaign for UK giant retailer, Sainsbury, has been marred by racist backlash. Given Waqas's role within LOUD, I knew he would have something interesting to say about it.

The Christmas season is reminder to me to remember the things is most important to me. Without health, the love of family and friends, and the ability to enjoy the little things in life, the rest means nothing. If you read this blog then I wish you and your family all the best for the year.




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