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Sustainability and marketing

Can a company's sustainability or climate change initiatives marry with marketing's sales based agenda?

Over the next 12 weeks TheNetworkOne, the world's largest independent agency network, will publish a series of thought-leadership pieces covering the sustainability agenda.

You will find the Introduction by Martin Rich, co founder of the Future-Fit Foundation, provides a great overview of what to expect from all contributors.

I am incredibly proud to be one of the 12 contributors through a piece of research undertaken by the team at Media Precinct and I. All 12 contributors have fascinating perspectives on the subject and you will find their articles released each week. A full list is here for you:

  • 30th June: Just Do It, Duncan Murray Clark

  • 7th July: It all starts in the office - How to integrate sustainability into your everyday agency life in just 10 steps, Gregor Blach

  • 14th July: Delay is the New Denial, Jane McDaid

  • 21st July: The Future of Green Brands: How to market sustainable innovations, Anne Karumo

  • 28th July: The Sustainability Journey – How can agencies support clients & add value?, Emma Craigie

  • 4th August: On Gen Z, Sustainability and How 2020 Changed Marketing Forever, Jeff Fromm

  • 11th August: The Environment Today, Glenda Wynyard

  • 18th August: The role of top management in the age of sustainability, Elena Rabaglio

  • 25th August: What Isn’t Brand Purpose - Just good intentions make for bad brand purpose, Girish Balachandran

  • 1st September: Leading sustainably – new priorities for corporate communications, Amanda Powell-Smith

  • 8th September: The Triple Bottom Line: Protecting People, the Planet and Profits, Sarah Duncan

  • 15th September: What are the challenges of turning corporate purpose into purpose-driven marketing?, Dr. Chris Arnold

  • 22nd September: Purposeful businesses and the people that make them, Victoria Page

I hope you get as much out of this series as I have.

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