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It's Christmas time again

It never ceases to amaze me how busy the build up to Christmas is. The pressure we put on ourselves and on others around us is incredible.

When you think about it, most people only take a couple of weeks off and at least 3 of those 14 days are public holidays; add the 4 days that are the weekend and this means that you are really only gone from your desk for 6 days.

So why do we all freak out so much about having to get the work done? When you add the fact that most people you deal with will be away at the same time it just doesn't make sense to me. And what about the pressure of reaping in as much revenue as you can do at this time? What if your customers stop spending and move to new channels that don't replace volumes at same levels? And, what does Christmas really mean now with so much retail pressure to spend? Which advertisers get it right and who gets it wrong? If you want to know what I think then we have another episode of Pending Approval live and it is our Christmas Special (never thought I would do one of those in a million years). Here's the link:

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