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Abbey Road & The Indie Awards

When it was suggested to me that I should undertake a podcast I thought that it might be difficult but I didn't really understand how difficult it could be.

So ... a lot of pressure falls on your shoulder when you are pulling a podcast together. In fact it is much easier to agree to do it than actually do it. Episode 2 was a lesson for Producer G and I on what we won't do next time.

In between Episode One and Two of Pending Approval, I had the opportunity to travel to London and participate in judging at TheNetworkOne's Indie Awards. This week's episode of Pending Approval was a great opportunity to review the awards as the winners were all well deserved and I particularly loved the winner of Best In Show which came from the Corporate PR sector.

While there I got to have a bit of fun with the man that sits on my couch, which included travelling around London in their infamous black taxi cabs, doing the mandatory Abbey Road crossing, and signing my name on the infamous Abbey Road Studio wall.

Please be kind when you listen, the link to the podcast on Spotify here: Pending Approval, Episode 2

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