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Music more accessible

I grew up in a household where music was always on and it is a habit that has followed me throughout my life. It soothes me, stirs me, gets me motivated and helps me to focus. I just can't concentrate when I don't have music on.

The type of music I love doesn't necessarily endear itself to other people around me but I don't care. I like to play my music loud and I love everything from the odd Country and Western croon through to a bad arse rap.

I can still remember my father taking me to the Broadbeach shops so that I could buy my very first record album ... Elvis Presley's Flaming Star. Dad still has it.

Elvis Presley

So it took very little encouragement from the Media Precinct team when they suggested we take to the streets of Sydney to find out what people from different age profiles were listening to.

The results are not as cut and dry as you might think. Try this link to find our more: Streaming-services-make-music-accessible-to-all

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