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What have I done?

My role with the Media Precinct has me working alongside many not-for-profit organisations and today, as you do, I was busy researching and analysing the type of person that would participate in the Hawaiian Walk for Women's Cancer fundraising event that takes place in May next year.

As I was constructing the type of person best to target I thought to myself, 'this is a me kind of person'. Of course I did!

Dianne (with phone) and Glenda

Then I get this hair brain idea ... how cool would it be for my mother (who is 73 and recovering from breast cancer) and I to do this event!

As you do, out of the blue, on a Saturday when you are working away on a much loved client's media strategy imagining that you might be the type of person who could be persuaded to participate in an event of this nature.

Mum ... to her credit ... didn't dismiss my hair brain idea when I suggested it. No, not my mother. She thought it was a great idea. So now we're doing it! We are going to be walking 35km in half a day in Perth, in May 2020. May isn't actually that far away for either of us to get fit enough to do this.

I have also neglected to tell you that my mother isn't allowed to fly longer than 3 hours at a time ... logistically to get her from the Bay of Islands in New Zealand to Perth in Western Australia in 3 hour stops is a bit of a mare to add to this 'little' walk of ours. You see, mum's lungs have been severely impacted upon by her cancer treatment and she experiences difficulty breathing. This really makes her wanting to do this walk so much more special. So I better suck it up and just get on with the training because really what's a little 35km walk when it could help to do so much good for people like my mum.

Because my mother and I quite like the odd drink our team name is We Thought They Said Rum. We'll be sure to have one at the end.

If you can donate, please do, as we have to raise $3,000 before we can start walking. The link to our donation page is here: We Thought They Said Rum donations

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