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My fav jocks are leaving me

It has been announced that after three years, Ben & Liam finish up at triple j on next week after deciding to take up Nova's breakfast gig in their hometown of Adelaide.

Triple J's Ben & Liam - Glenda Wynyard

It took me a while to get used to these two lads but I have always liked how intelligent the pair have been and their sense of humour they have shared with me each morning.

According to media reports, reminiscing on their time at triple j, Ben & Liam recalled: “We’ve had an absolute blast at triple j. Never in our wildest dreams did we think two dweebs doing community radio in Adelaide would get a crack at a gig like this. Thanks for waking up with us, listening to our shit talk and sharing your stories, we’ll be forever grateful.” As will their many loyal listeners Triple J!

While it is sad to see the boys go, I always wait with baited breath at what Triple J will do next with their host line up. In true Triple J style they have announced that Sally & Erica will host triple j Breakfast in 2020. Another two that Triple J have cultivated so well after picking them up from FBi Radio. With their irreverent wit, it wasn’t long before Sally & Erica became regular voices on triple j, filling in on breakfast, drive, good nights, The Hip Hop Show, House Party and summer arvos. Then in 2018, Sally & Erica took over weekend arvos.

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