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Youth want companies to stand for something

Glenda Wynyard talks about Media Precinct's latest youth study

I am incredibly proud of the team I work alongside and over the last month it has been no different.

The Media Precinct recently presented the findings to more than 40 clients at briefings in Sydney and Melbourne.

Led by Content Strategist Gorgia Brewer, the team behind this important work were all 25 and under which gave them a deeper understanding of a younger market.

When you work in a media agency it is our role to connect our clients with people who could become potential customers. We can't do this without intimately understanding how behaviour patterns and attitudes are changing and our youth team played a strong role in doing so on behalf of our clients.

We are seeing a significant shift in the attitudes and behaviours in young people. Their attitudes are significantly different than the average Millennial. This group of young Australians must protect themselves in ways that no other generation has had to before.

Not only are we seeing through our research younger Australians deliberately 'switching off' social media because of their privacy concerns, but we are also seeing the emerging side-effects technology brings including the need to protect themselves from cyber bulling and the effect it has on their mental health.

You can read the industry perspective on Campaign Brief, an audio perspective from The Music Network Today, and this great piece that comes at the article from a business perspective on

And if you don't feel like reading, you can check out the SBS interview with Gorgia.

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