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New year, new research

Hopefully you have all enjoyed time with your family and friends throughout the Christmas period. If you are like me, the festive holiday break is a time to prepare for all that the New Year will bring you.

Glenda Wynyard Media Precinct

Over the break I have taken the time to write a few thought pieces. I've long been a champion of shorter duration commercials and this is the focus of my first piece. My reasoning is that shorter duration advertising allows for campaign frequency. I am yet to see a truly effective advertising campaign that doesn't have frequency as an integral part of the media buy; and the reality is that most clients don't have the budgets to achieve high levels of frequency using longer duration advertisements. If you are interested, my opinion piece called "Short Duration Advertising Measures Up" is on the Media Precinct blog.

Glenda Wynyard flowers

2018 was an incredibly difficult year for many, me included, and I decided a while back that instead of making useless resolutions at the start of 2019 I would 'gift' my wishes to those women that mean the most to me. So I sent flowers and one wish I thought was most relevant to each woman. These seven women mean the world to me and I want them to be either the happy, healthy or contented in life. I hope that my followers achieve the same in 2019.

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