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Working for a good cause

I have the privilege of working with a client base that continually amaze me at the Media Precinct. I am truly humbled by the people that I meet through our clients and this week was no different.

Over the last week I got to spend some time helping Cerebral Palsy Alliance work towards bringing alive why raising funds through Steptember is so important to their organisation and their clients.

To help us was the wonderful Sarah Harris from Network TEN's Studio 10 and the team from The Carousel create an interview series which will be used as content across digital and social media platforms.

Studio 10's Sarah Harris, Glenda Wynyard and the Steptember production team

Johanna Garvin, bottom right, is an inspiring young woman who completed seven (7) marathons in seven (7) days across seven (7) different countries. If that isn't inspiring enough, this magnificent women took 14 days in total to complete the task including travel in between the different destinations.

Please get behind Steptember by joining with a team or by yourself, and please don't forget to fund raise. Every little bit helps. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance are a truly magnificent group of people that I am proud to work alongside.

I will post a link once the work goes live.

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