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Does social advertising work?

Happy New Year to those of you that take the time to read my posts.

The New Year often brings change and many marketers will be looking at their current marketing strategies, evaluating what is working and what isn't.

social media in marketing mix

Social Media has the ability to be a highly effective portion of marketing's media mix however there is a need to understand its complexities and how best to manipulate its strengths to be effective.

The team at The Media Precinct have been exploring how people are embracing advertising content being fed through social media platforms and if they are buying the products or services they see. You can view the findings on the Media Precinct blog.

Marketers do need to be careful moving forward as privacy becomes an issue for social users. Social Media users of all demographics feel uneasy about targeted advertising which uses their browsing history to market products towards them. "They are really tailored to what you [search], if you have been looking at a top online and then it comes up on Facebook, it's kind of creepy. They know what you are looking at," one young woman said.

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