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Giving back through insight

Charities play an essential role in our society, delivering necessary services to our communities and to provide support to those who need assistance, often in places that government funding may not reach.

Over the years, I have used my craft continuously to help not-for-profit or charitable organisations raise awareness of their cause, increase awareness of their organisation and source donations or support in other ways. Media has such a significant influence over how potential donors (time, advocacy and financial) will support them. It has always been one of the most rewarding roles that I have been able to perform throughout my career.

When I get to pair one of my career passions with another, research, it is a match made in heaven.

It is with delight that I have been able to champion The Media Precinct's donor insight research, undertaken on The Media Precincts's behalf by research giant Roy Morgan Research, over the past two years. It started with one not-for-profit client and it has now expanded significantly.

You can read more about the insights released over at The Media Precinct or you can contact me at to find out more.

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